CYBERCHASE PlaySpace promotes interactive storytelling

Back by popular demand, the producers of the animated PBS KIDS GO! series Cyberchase have re-launched the Cyberchase PlaySpace with exciting new features for mixed-media storytelling at home and in the classroom.

Cyberchase PlaySpace, an interactive storytelling game available for free at Cyberchase Online, uses storytelling prompts to help kids engage with math while having fun. Watch a demo here.

Responding to video and text prompts drawn from the show, kids create stories using different media – drawing tools, photos, text and more – to share via e-mail or print when completed.  Features on the new PlaySpace include video prompts (pictured here), playspace grabphoto upload capability and dozens of stickers featuring Cyberchase characters and other fun items from the show.

The new PlaySpace also includes all-new tools for educators which allow them to use the game to reinforce and assess students’ math comprehension.

Logging in through a PBS Teachers account, educators can write their own prompts tailored to students’ needs, or select from available Cyberchase video and text prompts covering different math topics.

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