Watch Your Favorite Shows on PBS Video Beta

PBS Video Beta

Are you a fan of PBS shows but often find out about recent episodes a bit too late?  With PBS Video Beta, you can find lots of recently aired shows available for free streaming.  You can explore videos by program title (e.g. Nature, NOVA, Frontline, Independent Lens, etc.) or by collections categorized by topic (e.g. In the Wild, Be Green, Ancient Worlds, etc.).  Features on PBS Video allow you to e-mail content to others, “Like” content on Facebook, or even embed video into websites.

This is a great way to find content that you can use in your classrooms too.  You can always use the search feature if you’re looking for a specific topic.

To try out PBS Video, click here.

2 thoughts on “Watch Your Favorite Shows on PBS Video Beta

  1. PBS Video is NOT loading from its site. I’ve tried numerous programs that appear to start loading, then cease with a blank screen. When I click on “details”, a link appears for purchase of DVD or iTunes podcast. My pc does play content on Hulu & YouTube. What gives ?

    • Hi there,

      I just tried several loading up several programs with successful results (on a Windows PC). PBS Video content is delivered through on–demand streaming. The only thing they say you need is the latest version of Flash. My suggestion would be to check your version of Flash and possibly upgrade to the latest free version. Here’s a link: If you continue to experience problems, let me know and we can communicate the problem to PBS. If you’d like further support, you can e-mail me directly Thanks for your comment!

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