PBS’ NEED TO KNOW episode: Ahead of the Class

In case you missed it, a recent episode of Need To Know focused on powerful success stories of teaching.  Below, you can watch one segment that exemplifies the recent transformation of Brockton High School here in Massachusetts.  In 1998, when Massachusetts implemented new standardized testing, administrators at Brockton High School learned that more than 75 percent of their 4,000 students would fail to graduate. But thanks to a small group of dedicated teachers, Brockton is now one of the highest performing schools in the state.

The episode also featured a daily PE class in Chicago that’s changing grades, small group STEM learning in Baltimore, and an education reform roundtable.  To check out the episode in its entirety or to view web exclusive segments, click here.

Need To Know offers a great magazine format show of all the week’s interesting and compelling stories.  It airs Fridays at 8:30pm on WGBY.

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