Lesson Plan: “Exploring Animal Camouflage”

Cat in the HatHappy Birthday Dr. Seuss!  Today, our featured lesson plan honors Dr. Seuss by featuring content from PBS’ The Cat In The Hat Knows a Lot About That.

This classroom lesson plan creates the opportunity for children to observe insects and other animals in their natural environments and to notice animals’ coloring in comparison to the colors of their surroundings.  Students can look closely at worms and create a worm habitat in the classroom. As they investigate the worms’ physical characteristics, they will notice how the worms’ coloring helps them blend into the dirt. Over time they will observe how the worms’ behavior, like wiggling down under the dirt for example, may also help them hide from predators.

This lesson has been designed for children ages 3-6.  Objectives include discussing camouflage, identifying patterns and relationships with animals and the environment, group collaboration, and more.  The plan includes several classroom projects, literacy connections to the science activities, and video to introduce the topic.  To view the lesson plan online, click here or download the PDF.

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