Wilson and Ditch Digging America: Teaching United States Geography

PBS’ Wilson and Ditch are two funny, energetic and talkative gopher brothers, who are in an eco-powered van driving around America. Wilson, the older brother, loves learning and teaching “actual facts” about each new locale to his younger more fun-seeking brother Ditch.

Watching the Wilson and Ditch episodes will teach students to embrace the beauty of the United States of America and will promote an appreciation for the diversity of people and places. Students will not only learn about map skills and the geography of each state but will also learn about the history, local culture, popular culture, arts and literature, nature sites, local ecology, monuments, and some of the state’s unusual locations.

Students can also read Wilson’s blog to read more about the brother’s adventures, learn cool facts and discover the history of different locations.  This resource is accompanied by a teachers’ resource and activity guide.  Here’s just a quick peek at the Wilson and Ditch theme song:

One thought on “Wilson and Ditch Digging America: Teaching United States Geography

  1. I was able to use this resource with my fourth grade class to help teach about the southwestern region of the United States and they absolutely loved it. I was able to teach about Tucson and the Grand Canyon in Arizona in a new and engaging way. The videos worked as perfect anticipatory sets for each lesson, then we were able to read Wilson’s blog, the apple pie picks, and we did activities with the digging America dates and facts. Thank you for providing teachers with these materials!

    -Miss Bishop

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