SESAME STREET Resources for Promoting Everyday Learning Moments

Learning is Everywhere

While the importance of early learning is widely understood, there aren’t many resources helping parents foster specific skills vital to their child’s successful transition to school. Given the wide set of skills a child needs to learn, it can be tough for parents to know how to prepare their child for school. It can also be challenging for parents to recognize that learning opportunities can occur during everyday moments, and that they can be an important component in helping children get ready for school.

Sesame Workshop has developed a series of projects that help parents turn everyday experiences into learning opportunities.  Using Sesame Street’s familiar cast of characters, these resources acquaint parents and teachers with the skills needed for school readiness, and is designed to help parents, grandparents, and caregivers play a greater role in their child’s education.

In the mornings, getting dressed, eating breakfast, and traveling to a child care program, all provide opportunities for discussion and exploration. In the afternoon, opportunities may include shopping, running errands, and preparing dinner. For example, at the grocery store, a parent and child can discuss the colors, shapes, and flavors of the foods in their basket. Winding down for the evening also offers chances for children to learn and connect with parents. What special activities did they do that day? What were some moments that made them share a laugh? Remembering the day’s fun and experiences can get children excited for the days ahead.

Here are some links to Sesame Workshop’s great school readiness resources:

We loved this Sesame Street video showing a little girl baking a healthy cookie; cooking is just one opportunity for everyday learning!



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