Teaching About the Japan Disaster: Media to Support Your Instruction

The events unfolding in Japan are hard to watch.  If you would like to turn these events into learning opportunities, WGBY has the media resources to support your instruction.  Teach students how the Japanese prepared themselves to survive earthquakes and tsunamis, and cope with accidents involving nuclear power plants. We have several videos and DVDs in each of those categories that can spark lively classroom discussions. Here is just a sampling:

  • The Day the Earth Shook (ID 247, 552) Chronicles earthquakes in California and Japan
  • Meltdown at Three Mile Island (ID 320) Documentary on the nuclear meltdown at a Pennsylvania nuclear plant
  • The Wave that Shook the World (ID 1357) Minute-by-minute account of the 2004 tsunami
  • Earthquakes (16 titles), from gentle tremors to killer quakes, these videos examine cause and effect of earthquakes around the world and what humankind can do to protect itself.

To borrow from the Video Lending Library, click here.

All borrowed videos can be kept for four weeks.  If you have questions, please contact Bernie at bmichaels@wgby.org.

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