Join a Live Conversation with the Space Station

On March 29th, a small group of 6th grade students from Springfield and Holyoke Public Schools will be visiting the campus of Springfield Technical Community College for a live conversation with astronauts on the international space station. This is part of a NASA program to connect students with the space station, its people, and the science being done there. As part of this event, NASA is interested in involving as many students as possible across the region.

If you’d like to involve your students, please log on to the download link site for more information. STCC has included an educational guide, based on the standards, with activities related to space science, links to NASA TV for viewing the downlink between students and astronauts as it happens, and will also be posting video highlights of the event afterwards.

 Given the tight scheduling of Space Station activities the March 29th date was determined by NASA, and we realize it is a short timeline. The video can be viewed at anytime however, and the materials in the guide integrated in any way and at any time that works for your classroom, and so they are not driven by the actual date of the event.

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