Ten Great Sites with Free Teacher Resources from eSchoolNews

In tough budget times, teachers need to be more resourceful than ever in finding free internet-related resources for lesson planning.  Providing the latest in technology related information for today’s educators, eSchoolNews has identified 10 great sites for free teacher resources.  Among these favorites are two from PBS:   PBS Teachers, a rich resource that includes ideas for lesson plans and connections to other  teachers, and Teachers’ Domain with free digital media, materials related to state and Common Core Standards, and lesson-sharing opportunities.

Among other favorites, The Library of Congress’ “For Teachers” is aligned to state standards with access to primary source sets for subjects like US presidents, short history and science facts/activities for starting class, and even themed lesson plans on many subjects.  Curriki provides methods of sharing  curriculum development and other educational resources, including a place to post teaching ideas that can be downloaded, reformatted and reshared.

With hundreds of publications and websites indexed, the NASA for Educators page  allows teachers to search for classroom resources and includes articles about NASA missions, wide-ranging image galleries and multimedia materials, and NASA career and scholarship opportunities. You’ll find a description of all top ten sites and their links, at eSchoolNews .

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