Video Lending Library Feature: PBS Explorer Series – Oceans

Oceans DVD SetThe world is rightly concerned about the conditions of the planet’s oceans. You can bring these issues to life and spark lively classroom discussion with this newly-arrived four-DVD album that covers the following ocean topics:

  • UNDER THE SEA with Al Giddings — Al Giddings has been called the Michelangelo of the Deep Sea for his stunning cinematography of the ocean depths. Drawing on his 30 years of deep-sea diving, Gidding shares stories and scenes from a lifetime of undersea film adventures
  • VISIONS OF THE SEA — Stunning imagery is paired with informative narration that embodies the eclectic rhythms of life in the ocean.
  • OCEAN ODYSSEY — A film sponsored by the Smithsonian Institution to capture life in some of the world’s most remote oceans with the hope that understanding will help us to protect and restore the oceans to a healthy state.
  • TREASURES OF THE GREAT BARRIER REEF — Prowl with the lion fish through an undersea jungle of the Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Australia, teaming with life under the sea.

Each DVD runs roughly one hour. Order this album through our Video Lending Library by ID number 2059.

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