PBS KIDS Online and On the Go

With children’s growing use of mobile devices and strong evidence that educational video games support learning, teachers can explore for themselves and share with parents the best sites for online learning tools. 

PBS Kids Island

PBS Kids Island

On PBS Kids Island, children are presented with fun games that compliment their reading level, whether their focused on learning letters or just starting to read words.  Parents can monitor gameplay through the built in Child Progress Tracker.

New platforms from PBS Interactive offer innovative opportunities to engage kids and to help them succeed in school and in life.  In 2010, PBS KIDS launched seven iPhone and iPad mobile apps, including the Martha Speaks application, which a Rockman et al. study found improved vocabulary as much as 31 percent in children ages 3 to 7.

Check out the PBS Kids website and think about how it can be used in your classroom!  Feel free to share all of our resources with your students and their families.

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