Video Lending Library Feature: NOVA scienceNOW’s “Where Did We Come From?” teaches evolution

Teaching about evolution can be challenging; it’s a controversial issue in some quarters. But the task is often easier when factual information is presented. NOVA scienceNow offers a one hour, 4-part examination of the question: Where Did We Come From? presented in the following sections:

  • Revealing the Origins of Life — No one knows how life began billions of years ago. But now chemist John Sutherland Nova Where Did We Come Fromhas created the conditions in which the building blocks of RNA, one of the key molecules of life and the probable precursor to DNA, assemble themselves naturally.
  • Origins of the Solar System — Combining chemical evidence from meteorites with the latest computer simulations, scientists show how, nearly five billion years ago, a supernova shock wave could have swept through a cloud of dust and gas and caused it to collapse, eventually forming the sun and planets.
  • Lice and Human Evolution — After sucking our blood for millions of years, lice are suddenly proving their value: their DNA turns out to hold a treasure trove of clues about our evolution.
  • Profile: AndrĂ© Fenton — Mr. Fenton’s work with dementia and Alzheimer’s patients may one day illuminate the biological root of memory itself.

This DVD is now in our lending library. Title: Where Did We Come From? ID number 2060.

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