Lesson Plan: SCIGIRLS Empowers Young Women to Think Differently About STEM

SciGirlsSciGirls engages girls between 8 and 13 years old, helping them through these challenging tween years to arrive in high school with a positive attitude toward STEM learning and careers.

With Project Runway fashion designer Diana Eng, Izzie designs an electrifying gown with Hallie and her friends. The SciGirls design and engineer a dress that incorporates electronics in learning basic concepts in electricity and the properties of conductive materials. They use LED lights, electroluminescent wire, and conductive thread to enhance the dress, applying understandings of how electrical circuits work. Their mentor highlights the importance of science and technology to creative careers, such as fashion design.

PBS Teachers has created lesson plans to support the SciGirls program.  Watch the video  and review the lesson plan to find ways to change the way girls think about science, technology, engineering, and math.

Viewers are invited to visit the website to create their own profile pages and upload their projects, making the SciGirls website a destination for any girl who is interested in science.

You can find SciGirls on the WGBY Kids Digital Channel; check your local listings for times.

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