Research Behind PBS Children’s Programming

It’s no secret that we, as public broadcasters, believe in the educational power of television.  The defining aspect of media that can teach is creating research-based, high-quality content accompanied with supportive curricula.  A great deal of effort has been put into the development of PBS’ children’s programs and the lesson plans that we share with you.  In addition, research is conducted to gain a sense of the possibilities and limitations of educational television, both by television producers and in the realm of academia.  Below, we’ve accumulated some of the existing research and educational philosophies of PBS programs.  What better audience to share this information with that education buffs.  We hope you’ll find these materials interesting!

TV viewing and children:

PBS Kids shows:

And because we couldn’t resist – to show that this content stands the test of time, here’s just one of our favorite Sesame Street clips from long ago (and we dare you not to hum it all day long).  Want to check out more?  Stop by Sesame Street’s Youtube Channel.