STEM Professional Development: Global Climate Change Education for Middle School

While this year’s Earth Day celebrations can inspire us to preserve our planet, students need deeper knowledge to understand the importance of protecting our environment.  With PBS Teacherline’s Global Climate Change Education for Middle School, global climate change is taught using a problem-solving approach and STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) methodology to engage middle-school students and help them understand the causes and effects of climate change with resources from NASA and WGBH’s Teachers’ Domain such as:

As you learn to take advantage of the skills students are bringing into the classroom and the web 2.0 tools available to make learning more relevant to their lives,  you’ll discover other valuable resources such as the powerful video The Machine is Us/ing Us  about how the Web has changed the idea of text and revolutionized online communication and collaboration — and the implications of these changes for the classroom.  You’ll also explore the use of social media and media sharing sites and ways to collaborate with colleagues to develop teaching activities.

Enrollment for summer begins soon for summer courses beginning June 22nd.  Courses are available for PDPs or Graduate Credit.  Start thinking about your summer professional development now!

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