Recently, PBS launched The Parent Show, a new online-only program just for parents.  Providing advice ideas, and laughs about parenting, new episodes will air weekly, and in between, parents can chat with Angela through her blog on pbsparents.org, and on Twitter @AngelaSanto.  Here’s an example of a recent episode:

The Parent Show’s mantra is that there is no way to be a perfect parent, but there are a million ways to be a good one. Through the series and blog, PBS Parents is striving for a fun, judgment-free community where parents share tips, advice and a sense of humor.

 Each week, The Parent Show will explore a topic that parents are dealing with today – such as school readiness, media habits or healthy eating – through a video interview, a follow-up video message, and a blog post.  Angela will interview noted experts with a wide range of backgrounds, from astrophysicists to chefs to puppeteers, who will share their unique and fresh ideas and tips for parents.  She will also go behind the scenes with content creators, producers, and personalities from PBS programs.  Each interview will be followed up with an additional video, in which Angela will delve more deeply into the weekly issue at hand.  Angela will also share her own personal experiences through a weekly blog post.

 We’re happy to share this resource with you.  We hope that parents will check it out and teachers will keep this in mind as a valuable resource to share with families.

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