ARTHUR Family Guide: “Helping Our Children Feel Safe”

firefighterIn light of the tornado damage in Springfield, Monson, Brimfield and surrounding communities, WGBY wanted to provide an excellent resource we’ve found on helping children deal with difficult times.  Arthur’s “Helping Our Children Feel Safe” Parent and Teacher Guide was designed to provide children and parents with a way to think about and discuss upsetting and frightening experiences. This Web guide includes a read-aloud story and parenting tips. Like the episode of Arthur on which it is based, this read-aloud story explores what happens when there is a fire at Lakewood Elementary School. 

We’re also providing this one-sheet of parenting tips called Helping In Difficult Times.  We hope that this may some help as our local families begin to rebuild their lives and recuperate from last week’s events. 

Please let us know of any other helpful resources you’ve found.

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