iPad Use in the Classroom ~ Let Us Count the Ways!

eSchoolNews, a great daily source for the latest in school technology, recently provided a telling article about iPad use in the classroom.  It reports 5 ways that readers can use this device with examples that span a range of student ability and learning content — from math intervention for 5th graders, to enrichment for gifted students, to speech therapy for autism.  These iPad applications are receiving high scores from teachers.  Regardless of grade or subject, two common and all-important characteristics of iPad learning are students’ eagerness to use these devices and the progress they’re making with them.

While the report makes clear that iPads will not supplant all textbooks, these digital tools will allow students to complete school assignments on line and provide them with resources far beyond classroom walls, at the same time freeing education from the high cost of paper to school budgets and the environment.

To learn more about iPad use for 1) intervention, 2) enrichment, 3) assistive technology, 4) digital literacy and 5) organizing resources, you can go to Five Ways Readers Are Using iPads in the Classroom.

We’d  also love to hear your thoughts or experiences about iPads as a learning tool in the classroom.

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