Why Join PBS Teachers? After all, it’s free!

Thousands of PreK-12 teachers who use digital media to engage students with opportunities to explore new ideas and new worlds through television, online and community-based programs have joined PBS Teachers to share ideas, experiences and innovations on using digital resources, including content from PBS, to teach.

Your FREE membership in PBS Teachers includes:

  • Exclusive Content from PBS!  Be the first to see previews of new PBS programs and access resources exclusive to PBS Teachers members.
  • Ability to Save, Rate and Comment on Classroom Resources:  With PBS Teachers, you can save and tag classroom resources you find on PBS Teachers.
  • Online Discussions on Media and Technology: Connect with educators who use PBS resources – and program producers and local stations – to share ideas and innovations.
  • Discount at ShopPBS for Teachers: Just by signing up, you will receive a 10% discount on your next purchase at ShopPBS for Teachers.

If you’ve yet to discover PBS Teachers, please visit to discover the full range of PreK-12 curriculum content and sign up to become a member.

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