Using Social Media in School Communications

Various forms of social media offer educators another new tool for school communications.  To get you started in the smart use of social media networks, eSchoolNews recently published an article with 10 tips on how to use this medium to their advantage. Among the best practices for educators’ use of social media:

  • Do your homeworkBe sure to follow any local policies or guidelines as well as state and federal laws or regulations regarding appropriate technology use.
  • Start simplyWith all the social media to pick from, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, WordPress, TeacherTube, choose one to begin your posting and do it everyday.
  • Separate your personal life from your professional life While students, parents, and colleagues can follow your professional postings online, avoid “friending” students and parents or connecting them with your professional online postings.  Remember that only what is appropriate for the classroom or the nightly news is appropriate online.

For the full list of tips, you can visit eSchoolNews to read the article Ten tips for using social media in school communications.

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