FREEDOM RIDERS Website: Communication Arts’ Webpick of the Week

For  powerful themes like tolerance, dignity and courage, the Freedom Riders website continues to be a valuable interdisciplinary resource.  Due to web design based on a combination of superior aesthetics, technical expertise, functionality, and overall site experience, the Freedom Riders site  is Communication Arts’ Webpick of the Week .

With 945,000 page views since its late October launch, the Freedom Riders website  supports the documentary film that premiered on 16 May 2011 and celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Freedom Rides and the group’s historic role in the American Civil Rights movement.

Working within PBS guidelines, the site presents massive data in a comprehensive and easy-to-digest way.  In addition to the main film, the site has 12  short films, more than 30 video interviews and commentaries, over 500 searchable historical photos and includes the only complete online roster of all 400 freedom riders.  Also available are clips not included in the final film, interactives (an animation of the riders and a timeline of events surrounding the rides), short films and the blog from the 2011 Student Freedom Ride.

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