Honored Educator: Tina Crane

Continuing our commitment to feature outstanding educators from across western Massachusetts, here’s another bio from the Pioneer Valley Awards for Excellence in Teaching:

Name: Tina Crane Tina Crane
School: Sgt. Robert R. Litwin
Grade/Content Area: Grade 5

What is one of your most creative/successful lessons and how did it come together?

One of our standards is writing business letters. The students write a formal letter to a business, or organization, that they are interested in learning more about.  The response has been wonderful. We have received letters and press kits from as far away as California and even Japan!  Many times, local community members visit our classroom to address the students directly (bankers, firefighters, contractors, etc.). Each year this lesson is one of the most popular among students, giving them first-hand knowledge of that particular business or tradesman.”

What is your favorite website you use to support your classroom teaching?

My favorite website is www.smarttech.com as it supports Smart Board lessons and provides both interactive and static lessons across all subject areas.”

Why did you become and why have you stayed a teacher?

“I became a teacher because I always loved working with kids. I volunteered in various capacities at my son’s school throughout the years. I later became a paraprofessional and sincerely enjoyed the educational process. I began taking evening classes to obtain my teaching certification.  I continue to teach for many of the same reasons that brought me into this profession. Watching the student’s thirst for knowledge, and all of their successes throughout the school year.”

 Congratulations Tina!  Check back often to read more bios from the Pioneer Valley Awards for Excellence in Teaching.

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