Free Electronic Field Trip: “Think Again: Restoring and Protecting the Gulf Coast”

On September 7th at 11 a.m. Eastern Standard Time, our friends at Louisiana Public Broadcasting (LPB) will stream a free live electronic field trip for middle and high school students and the public.  The field trip, “Think Again:  Restoring and Protecting the Gulf Coast” (lasts about 20 minutes) will explore the economic value and damage to the region, strategies to restore and protect this critical area, and ways that students can help.  Then students will be able to pose their questions live to a panel of experts in LPB’s studio.  The Q&A period will last about 25 minutes.    Pre-registration, which is required, and further information is available at  A mini video online now will help you prepare your students for the trip and stimulate questions.  You must submit your questions in advance on or to  This field trip is made possible through funding provided by the Gulf of Mexico Alliance and the Dauphin Island Sea Lab


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