Event: UMASS Amherst offers free Science Quest for high school students and groups


For high school students interested in science, Science Quest is a great opportunity to visit the UMass campus, engage in hands-on science activities and demonstrations, and see presentations by UMass faculty members.  Students can discover how nanoscale devices and materials are made, or how a crumpled piece of paper can help explain principles of energy and matter.  Or, they may choose a mini-course on the political as well as technological aspects of modern energy sources such as biofuels, solar energy and fuel cells.  Also a panel of UMass undergraduate science students will discuss what it is like to be a science major at UMass, and a group of students will discuss their brand new iCons program. The event is FREE.  Each attendee must register individually to choose their own agenda.  Students may attend on their own, with a parent, or as part of a school group with a teacher.  Teachers are welcome to bring their science classes for a field trip!

Science Quest also offers:

  • FREE Registration
  • FREE Parking
  • FREE Lunch
  • Stipend and PDPs for teachers who bring their class
  • Travel support for buses to/from campus

For more information and how to register: visit  http://www.umass.edu/massnanotech/scienceQUEST2011/


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