Honored Educator: Nancy Mahoney

Continuing our commitment to feature outstanding educators from across western Massachusetts, here’s another bio from the Pioneer Valley Awards for Excellence in Teaching:

Name: Nancy Mahoney
School: Williamsburg Elementary School
Grade/Content Area: Art

As a teacher, where do you find inspiration?

“I go to museums and look at art to get inspiration for interesting ideas and combinations of materials.  I adore children’s art, and their pleasure working keeps me excited and inspired in my teaching.”

What is one of your most creative/successful lessons and how did it come together?

Three Tribes is a lesson I enjoy.”

Why did you become and why have you stayed a teacher?

 “My training and work was in pottery, but when my daughter entered elementary school, I got very interested in teaching art.  A few years later I went back to school to get my art certification. I have stayed a teacher because it is always interesting, always challenging, there is always more to learn, and because I get so much joy watching children create.”

 Congratulations Nancy!  Check back often to read more bios from the Pioneer Valley Awards for Excellence in Teaching.

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