What are Qualities of Effective 21st Century Teachers?

eSchool News: Technology News for Today’s K-12 Educator  recently asked its readers what they found to be essential qualities of 21st-century educators.  While many would agree with today’s idea that teachers should be guides or facilitators rather than classroom “sages,”  other traits were also submitted.

Some of the following top five characteristics relate directly to technology.  Others are long-held characteristics that seem never to change.  Effective educators today:

  1. Anticipate the future, aware of fast-changing technologies and current projections for the skills/talents that students will need for their futures (e.g, in STEM) and advocating for those needs to be met.
  2. Are flexible, lifelong learners, learning from students as well as colleagues, embracing change and allowing themselves and students to makes mistakes.
  3. Foster peer relationships, modeling and teaching interpersonal skills so that students can learn how to develop and maintain relationships through courteous, respectful communication.
  4. Are able to teach all levels of students, assessing their current levels of ability and giving them a voice in what they learn.
  5. Identify effective technology, utilizing those tools that are most productive  in advancing students’ learning and making the best use of teachers’ time.

We’d love you to let us know what you think about any of these characteristics or what you might add to this important list.

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