Fall Professional Development From PBS TeacherLine

PBS TeacherLine

By October, students are likely to have settled into their school routines, and you are becoming more aware of their needs.  You’re also likely to be more aware of your own needs as an educator.  Whether it’s classroom management, technology skills, or new curriculum content, you may decide that some professional development is just what the doctor ordered.

PBS TeacherLine offers online, graduate-level courses that use valuable PBS educational resources to engage students and help them make progress.  Among many fall courses that begin on Wednesday, October 26, are:

Grades K-5

Grade Preschool / PreK-3

Grades K-12

Grades 3-12

Grades 4-8

Grades 5-12

If you have any questions about how PBS TeacherLine courses work, how to obtain grad credit, or for some guidance on how to register, contact me at bkapetanis@wgby.org or 413-781-2801 extension 292.

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