Science Contest for International Space Station Experiment

The New York Times recently reported that YouTube and computer manufacturer Lenovo have announced a science contest called Spacelab. open to students 14 to 18 years old from around the world.  This real world — and out of this world — challenge gives students, either individually or in teams of two or three, the chance to have their experiment flown to the International Space Station!

Rather than conduct any actual experiments, students submit videos with their ideas for experiments that could be performed in “the zero-gravity environs of the space station.”  Space Adventures, a Virginia company that arranges for tourists to travel to the space station, will work with NASA to prepare the winning student experiments for flight.

Student proposals must be submitted by December 7 and address biology or physics’ questions.  Sixty finalists will be chosen from three geographical regions and then narrowed to 10 submissions from 14-to-16 year olds and 10 from 17 – 18 year olds.  Among those making the final decision will be a panel of judges, including Stephen W. Hawking, renowned physicist and cosmologist

Regional winners fly to Washington for a ceremony where two grand prize winners are named.  Those winners can choose to go to Japan for the launch of their experiments or to train as cosmonauts in Russia for seven days!

To learn more visit Spacelab.

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