Classroom Resources for Bullying

Believe it or not, October is almost over, as is National Bully Prevention Month.  But, it’s never too late to talk about bullying with students.  Here’s a selection of PBS LearningMedia resources to engage students on this important subject:

Cyber-Bullies are No Fun (Grades 4-6):  Cyber-bullying targets one or more children through technology to threaten, harass, or embarrass the victim, and so goes beyond just bullying because it can follow them home (e.g., through text or e-mail messages, blogs, social networking web site). With this video students learn to recognize the dangers posed by cyber-bullies and discover steps for dealing with kids who bully online.  This resource is aligned to Social Studies in the PBS LearningMedia curriculum framework

Stop Bullying…Take a Stand   (Grades 7-13+)  This solution-oriented video clip presents a comprehensive and multifaceted approach to preventing bullying. It also provides help and advice to victims, parents and bystanders. This resource is aligned to ELA, Health & Physical Education, and Professional Development in the PBS LearningMedia curriculum framework.

Jean Decety Says Bullies’ Brains Might Work Differently (Grades 6-7) Decety is a neuroscientist at the University of Chicago who studies human empathy.  In this audio he talks about his study on how children with aggressive conduct disorder – associated with bullying – process empathy.  This resource is aligned to Science (Evolution & diversity, Structure & Function, and Nature of Science) in the PBS LearningMedia curriculum framework.

How do I sign-up for PBS LearningMedia?

PBS LearningMedia is a brand-new service so you’ll need to create a  registration — it’s free and easy.  Visit                    However, if you’re already registered as a PBS Teacher, you can activate       your PBS LearningMedia account using those credentials.

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