From Eagles to Wolfs to Dogs: Science Resources from NATURE

Tonight at 8pm, Nature presents Jungle Eagles.  Scientists know little about Harpy eagles, the most powerful birds of prey in the world.  You and students can enter their secret world with Nature’s crew as they locate a nest and struggle to document the lives of these elusive birds in Venezuela’s Orinoco River jungle.

When you go to Nature’s website and click on For Educators, you can browse by current season, title, animal, type, grade level, video segments, teachers’ guides and much more.  For example, under current season, you’ll find video-enhanced lessons such as From Wolf to Dog. Using clips from Nature’s “Dogs that Changed the World,” students learn that all dogs came from one ancestor — the wolf. (Grades 5-8) In addition to resources such as websites, National Science Education Standards and activities, this lesson offers tools such as a “Dog Breed” Student Organizer and “Dog Interview” Student Organizer.

The Teachers’ Guide provides lessons that use the miniseries’ programs as a starting point for discussions about the domestication of dogs, selective breeding, and the ways in which humans and dogs work and live together.  It also includes teacher’s pages and student activity masters that can be used with any or all programs.

It’s hard to convey the breadth and depth of these resources, so please visit yourself to explore all that Nature has to offer you and your students!

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