A is for Arthur: Lesson Plans and activities for emergent literacy skills

ArthurThe Learn to Read with Arthur Guide focuses on early literacy and reading for kindergarten and first grade classrooms. It contains developmentally appropriate activities to help build phonetic awareness, word recognition, reading comprehension and fluency, and writing skills, while also encouraging a love of books and reading.

You can download the activity sheets from this teacher guide. In this packet you’ll find activities like:

  • A Is for Arthur!
    As they create simple rebus sentences, children will enjoy exploring letters, letter sounds, and alphabetical order.
  • Around the Town
    This collection of games for 2-3 partners uses everyday words and names to develop phonemic awareness, phonics, and spelling skills.
  • Arthur’s Reading Tips
    By creating a list of successful strategies for figuring out new words, children will improve their independent reading skills.

Check out the guide site for other great online games and activities.

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