Parenting Adult Children – A feature from TO THE CONTRARY

Eighty-five percent of college graduates move home after college and many of them aren’t able to find jobs in this economy. For many parents who expected the parenting to end after age 21, this is a big shock. For parents who have depended on books to help them through their children’s childhood, new books are now teaching them how to deal with adult children.

Check out this online feature from To the Contrary.  What do you think?  Do parents have an obligation to support children into adulthood?

2 thoughts on “Parenting Adult Children – A feature from TO THE CONTRARY

  1. I find this a fascinating topic and that 85% statistic is astounding. I was shocked myself to find the statistics on parental support of adult children–nearly 60% in various ways and means. I put together a piece with some more numbers at if you’re interested. It’s clearly an issue to be reckoned with.

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