SID THE SCIENCE KID Technology and Engineering Week Starts Today!

Sid the Science Kid’s “Technology & Engineering Week”  starts today, running from December 5th – 9th, with new episodes that have a special focus on inspiring young children to take an interest in science. The kick off episode, “I Want to Be a Scientist” stars Emmy award-winning actress, America Ferrera as the voice of Dr. Rosalinda Cordova.

The week begins with Sid and friends taking a trip to the Science Center where they learn more about real world scientists in their own lives including Gabriela’s mom Dr. Cordova and her exciting job as a marine biologist. As the week of new episodes continues, the kids learn about computers from Sid’s mom (who’s a computer engineer), research whether the moon is made of green cheese, investigate flight and learn how to “engineer a solution” when their ball gets stuck in a tree!

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