Journey of the Universe Curriculum Series

“There is no way of guiding the course of human affairs through the perilous course of the future except by discovering our role in this larger evolutionary process.”      Thomas Berry, The Dream of the Earth

Journey of the Universe premieres on WGBY Wednesday, December 7.  The film, book, and Educational Series are part of an expansive, multidisciplinary project that can be used by high school educators to develop a sense of connection and identity within the unfolding universe.  This deep sense of belonging and participation can, in turn, help students to come to a more meaningful understanding of their own place and role in the story of the universe, empowering them to participate in that story.  Here’s a short preview:

Designers of the Journey of the Universe curriculum series expect it will be taught as a cooperative project, where high school students and teachers learn side by side as they journey together.  Also available are program summaries for all twenty, 30-minute episodes.

To assist educators, each of the eleven curriculum pieces contain scientific summaries, discussion questions, online and print resources as well as selected bibliographies to help get started.  While the curriculum focuses on intellectual engagement and discussion, teachers are encouraged to use multiple learning modalities such as art, poetry, song, hands-on learning projects, self-reflection, and kinesthetic activities.

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