Teaching Internet Safety

As internet use has become a daily part of most students’ lives, students must know how to protect themselves and their identity at all times—especially when teachers and parents aren’t there to help them. To get an idea how educators are approaching this issue, the editors of eSchoolnews recently asked readers: “Do you teach internet safety at your school or district? If so, how?” The responses were cataloged in ten categories: gaming activities, student generated projects, role playing, use of guest speakers, having students be the teachers, self-created curriculum, department citizenship programs, part of a research lesson and through school-wide programs.

Some of the responders recommended commercial software as part of their approach, but many relied on their own ingenuity. One elementary school teacher uses the analogy of Little Red Riding Hood (that things aren’t always as they seem; there are people who try to pretend they are something they are not). Another teacher uses investigative role-playing by having students figure out which of three websites is a hoax.

Read the entire article by clicking here.

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