A Variety of Resources from Reading Rockets: Launching Young Readers

Part of a national reading project, Reading Rockets: Launching Young Readers is an engaging nine-part public television series on reading created for parents, grandparents, teachers and others who touch children’s lives. Based on current research and featuring the country’s top reading experts, each half-hour program examines a stage young children go through in developing their reading skills.

Both entertaining and informative with hosts like Annette Bening, Al Roker and Reba McEntire as well as prominent children’s book authors, the series takes viewers inside homes, classrooms, and research centers to show what works in helping kids, particularly those who struggle or have learning disabilities.

Here’s a sample of Reading Rockets‘ programs that you can share with parents and extended families:

  • Sounds and Symbols focuses on how children learn the relationship between sounds, letters, and words as an initial step before being able to decode the printed word.
  • Fluent Reading explores the ability to decode quickly and achieve fluency, and how early testing and intervention can help.
  • Reading for Meaning highlights effective strategies to help kids understand — and care about — what they read, which is the ultimate goal of learning how to read.
  • Reading and the Brain explores how brain scientists are working to solve the puzzle of why some children struggle to read and others don’t. Startling new research shows the answer may lie in how a child’s brain is wired from birth.

You can view the rest of the Reading Rockets series to see which resources best serve your students’ reading needs.

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