Egypt’s Golden Empire: Integrated Learning from PBS

Egypt’s Golden Empire airs on WGBY Tuesday, January 3, 8-10p and again Tuesday, January 10, 8-9p.  This three-part series brings to life the story of the Egyptian empire from its beginning in 1560 BC to its collapse in 1080 BC.  PBS lessons plans and video clips for middle and high school teachers are designed to showcase some of the most intriguing and historically significant people, places, and events from the film and Egyptian history.

Using interactive features such as “Virtual Egypt“, “Hieroglyphics” and “A Day in the Life“, students can study a wide variety of subjects, including World History, Geography, Science, Art, Engineering/Design, and Religion. Here’s just a sampling of lessons:

The Queens of Ancient Egypt focuses on some of ancient Egypt’s great queens, what made these women powerful as well as how they influenced the lives of the common people by being held in such high regard by their husbands, the pharaohs.

Architectural Marvels provides the opportunity to study the purposes pyramids, temples and obelisks served in Egyptian culture,  how they were constructed and what has been learned from studying them. Working in groups, students can even design their own pyramid, temple, or obelisk and create a model of their structure as part of a class presentation.

For 3,500 lesson plans and activities, visit PBS TeacherSource .

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