Exemplary Schools and Practices from Edutopia

Film producer/director/screenwriter George Lucas believes that the audience for his award-winning website Edutopia is “Everyone with an interest in improving education.”  The site can be a valuable resource for those dedicated to furthering education, especially the classroom teacher.

Edutopia allows you to browse by grade level, core strategies, videos and more, providing information that ranges from introductory to in-depth material.  For example, for integrated studies – combining disciplines to reveal their interrelationships through student collaboration and critical thinking – you can view the 3-minute video An Introduction to Integrated Studies or a 10-minute video Common Sense: An Overview of Integrated Studies and then explore real-life examples.  One such example is an article, Reinvigorating Education in East Oakland with a video illustrating the success of expeditionary learning at the ASCEND School, where the principal says  the best education “teaches students how to ask questions — and how to discover their own answers.”

Another of the exemplary schools featured on Edutopia is Houston’s YES Prep, with the “cornerstone values of hard work, proactive thinking, honesty, and patience to life.”  Heavily invested in finding the best new teachers, the school hired consultants to identify their own teachers’ personalities to help in screening new teachers.  These seven attributes comprise the quiz Super Teacher Traits, which you might want to take.

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