New PBS TeacherLine Course: Fundamentals of Virtual K-12 Teaching

New research predicts that the number of K-12 students taking online classes will jump to more than 10 million by 2014 – either attending a virtual school for all their classes or a hybrid situation where they combine virtual with face-to-face experiences. With this increase, school districts need highly qualified educators who can meet the needs of all students in an  online environment.

Because of this boom in virtual schools and blended learning experiences across the country and few quality PD experiences for virtual K-12 teachers,  PBS TeacherLine has just launched a brand new course, TECH570:  Fundamentals of Virtual K-12 Teaching.  The first section is now open for enrollment and will start on February 29th in the late winter term.

In this course educators learn how to be effective virtual teachers who build community, develop tone and voice, and effectively assess virtual students.  They also learn about national standards for quality online courses from iNACOL, SREB and the NEA.   As a project-based learning experience, the course provides the opportunity to build an eLearning Toolbox with resources and materials to use in future virtual experiences.

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