Program Feature: “Have You Heard From Johannesburg”

Premiering January 26, 2012 at 10pm on WGBY,  “Free At Last” is the final episode of “Have You Heard From Johannesburg”, a stiring film aboutthe history of the global anti-apartheid movement from Independent Lens.

South Africans tell the story of the most important effort in the anti-apartheid campaign of the 80’s: the alliance that brought together freedom fighters in South Africa as never before. The UDF protests climax in a fierce campaign of defiance, and internationally, Nelson Mandela becomes a household name as the campaign to free him ignites a worldwide crusade.  Check out a preview of this episode set to air tomorrow night:

This five-part series would be a great teaching tool for high school students learning about global issues or the stuggles for freedom around the world. Learn more about Independent Lens by visiting their website.

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