Celebrate the Arts with PBS LearningMedia

Those of you who already use PBS LearningMedia  know it as a rich resource for classroom lessons, activities, short videos and more.   If you visit the site’s home page now, you’ll see  inspiring material for integrating the arts into your curriculum.   Here’s a sampling of PBS resources to infuse lesson plans with dance, songwriting, theater, and art:

Composer and Violinist Create Modern Masterpiece, Grade 6-12
Draw inspiration from this story of a teacher and a student working together to create a Pulitzer Prize winning violin concerto.

Artistic Interpretation of a Classic: The Author’s Role, Grades 9-12
Using videos from the San Francisco Ballet’s “The Little Mermaid,” students explore artistic interpretation and step into the role of storyteller.

Moveable Books: Pop Ups, Grades 3-12
Step into the studio for a behind-the-scenes look at how this three-dimensional paper master finds ideas and then engineers his intricate books into life.

The Animals of Altamira Gallery, Grades 9-12
View images of the first prehistoric pictures to be seen by modern man. Learn how archeologists where initially skeptical of their authenticity, wondering if the paintings were too good for prehistoric man to have painted.

Theater: Green Room, Grades 3-8
Become a casting director! In this interactive, students select their ideal Romeo and Juliet, and then watch the famous balcony scene to assess the production value of their choices.

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