PBS LearningMedia Interactives in Key Curricular Topics

Detectives NotebookWish you could tap into the allure of video gaming while communicating key curricular topics? Try PBS LearningMedia’s interactives that allow students to use their best assets!  Your students can compete in a quiz show, conduct experiments in a test kitchen, manipulate organ systems, and step into an 18th century choose-your-own adventure.

Make learning interactive by exploring these and other  resources from PBS LearningMedia:

Super Readers Challenge, Grades PreK-1
Students sharpen essential reading and spelling skills while working toward reward certificates. Challenges include practicing the alphabet, rhyming, reading, and spelling.

Mission US: For Crown or Colony? Grades 6-8
This richly immersive choose-your-own-adventure experience puts your students in the shoes of Nat Wheeler, a 14-year-old in 1770 Boston. An in-depth educator guide provides historical background and classroom activities. Create a username to save games.

Blue Ribbon Readers: The Detective’s Notebook Game, Grades K-5
Your students become deputy detectives when they infer and predict based on the clues. This interactive is perfect for reading comprehension test prep.

Acids and Bases: Kitchen Chemistry, Grades 3-8
Step into the test kitchen to conduct virtual experiments and observe the results. Will your lab journal reveal the chemistry pattern?

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