Technology aids student-teacher-parent communications

From e-School News, by Laura Devaney, Managing Editor —

“Connecting in the 21st Century,” a report from Project Tomorrow and Blackboard Inc., based on data from Project Tomorrow’s 2010 Speak Up survey, reveals new information about the way parents, students, and teachers communicate with one another. It identifies as a key trend the “growing need for more effective, timely, and targeted communication between the school and home.”

The report addresses key issues such as:Kids and Technology

  • Do administrators recognize the value of effective communication with parents as a key factor for improving student outcomes?
  • How are schools and districts tapping into emerging technologies to connect with parents?
  • Do parents have different expectations today regarding information they receive from their child’s school?
  • How are teachers leveraging technology tools to instruct and provide feedback to students?
  • Do parents’ perceptions on the efficacy of school-to-home communications have any relationship with their attitudes regarding their child’s school?

As one would expect, the results point directly to the critical need for good school-to-home communications and how today’s technology can help accomplish that goal.  Read the full post for the full story.

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