Springtime Science Resources for the Classroom


Try the 'Biome in a Baggie' activity from ZOOM!

Here’s a wide range of digital resources from PBS LearningMedia to help Keep things FRESH in the classroom:

How Do Plants Get Energy? Grades 3-12
All life must have nourishment to live and grow. But what do plants eat? Investigate the earliest scientific hypotheses and our present-day understanding of photosynthesis.

Life Cycle of a Seed Plant, Grades 6-12
Drag and drop the steps of the apple tree’s life cycle into the correct order. In this interactive, you’ll learn about all the life cycle stages of a flowering seed plant.

Biome in a Baggie, Grades K-8
Water cycle: Using simple supplies, you can create a self-contained biome. Observe the water cycle and experiment with how plants grow in different environments.

Scientist Profile, Grades 4-6
What if it was your job to figure out how to grow plants in space? Liz Stryjewski is a microscopist at the Kennedy Space Center and she is investigating just that.

Nature Life Cycle, Grades PreK-1
The Nature Trackers hunt for buttercup flowers afterTiny’s favorite flower dies. Understand how everything in nature changes because of the life cycle.

Johnny Appleseed, Grades 5-12
Meet the real Johnny Appleseed and learn about his cultivation techniques. Discover why every apple seed produces a completely different apple, and learn how grafting is used to clone apples.

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