WORDGIRL to the Rescue – At Starbucks!

If you’re a Starbucks aficionado, then perhaps you saw that a recent Starbucks iTunes Pick of the Week was PBS Kids WordGirl!  Regardless of your beverage of choice, WordGirl is a great pick for parents and educators of children ages 4-9, engaging them in a language-filled world that helps to build deep word knowledge and engender a lifelong enthusiasm for language.

Word Girls’ energetic website provides learning adventures with videos and a wide range of games such as Power Words, where kids can choose a Power Words’ story to play, Tobey’s Robot Workshop, where they can build their own most impressive robot ever, and Comic Strip Capers, where they choose a word to determine what happens next in Word Girl’s adventure — and can even email their comic to a friend.

In addition to these fun learning tools, WordGirl’s site for parents and educators provides printable activities, resources on the web, recommended books for parents and educators, and kid-friendly sites.

We hope you’ll check out this site soon; WordGirl has been waiting for you!

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