Math Lessons from PBS LearningMedia

PBS LearningMedia now has 18,000 digital resources in wide-ranging content areas for grades preK-12.  Here’s a sampling of mathematics lesson plans to engage students by using fun subjects — film, pizza , bicycles and basketball.  Each of these lessons is complete with videos, handouts and assessments:

Filmmaking on a Budget  (Grade Levels 3–6) lets students practice column addition in relation to budgets and asks them to create budgets that meet particular totals.

Building Venn Diagrams (Grades Levels 4-8) give students an introduction to prime numbers, prime factorization and practice determining least common multiple (LCM) and greatest common factor (GCF).

Gears and Proportions   (Grade Levels 5-8) introduces students to the way bicycle gears work and the relationships between the sizes of front and rear gears, gear ratios and relative speeds of the bicycle wheels. Students later list gear combinations and ratios for bicycles of different speeds.

Basketball as a Context for Percentages (Grade Levels 5–8) allows students to learn to associate simple fractions (25%, 50%, 75% as well as 20% and multiples) of wholes with equivalent percentages in the context of basketball scores and stadium capacity.

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