ART21: Teaching and Learning about the Creative Process

Beginning tonight at 9pm, WGBY will air Art21, which over the past decade has established itself as the preeminent chronicler of contemporary art and artists through its Peabody Award-winning biennial television series, Art in the Twenty-First Century.

Art21 serves educators and students by providing free materials and programs devoted to the exploration of contemporary art and artists, including the widely distributed Educators’ Guides. It recently launched Art21 Educators, a yearlong professional development initiative designed to cultivate and support K–12 educators interested in bringing contemporary art, artists, and ideas into their classrooms.  Art21 also maintains an extensive archive of all of the films and educational materials it produces.

Additional resources for educators explore ways to introduce and discuss contemporary art in classrooms using various media.  Included in the Art21 Teach section, you’ll find:

On Contemporary Art:  This section suggests ways to introduce some of the larger questions related to contemporary art, before starting to teach with a specific artist’s work, theme, or lesson idea.

Materials for Teaching: Gain access to downloadable materials for use in school and community settings to introduce individual artists, themes, or ideas—as well as ancillary resources to contextualize these materials and pursue further research. Educators’ Guides, Screening Guides, and extended lesson ideas suggest a wide range of ways to teach with Art21.

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