From eSchool News: How to engage students with wireless tech

From eSchool News, by Steve Largent — “Education has certainly changed from when I was in school, but when one of my grandkids started pre-kindergarten this year, I realized just how different things were since my youngest child was in high school just seven years ago. Along with the usual school supplies of notebooks and pencils, wireless devices are quickly becoming indispensable learning aids in schools.”

Largent goes on to explain that students can make their mobile devices personal, which means they have access to information and tools necessary to succeed in school when they need it the most. For some students, wireless means taking classes that aren’t offered at their schools through distance learning programs. Overall, this new educational experience, commonly referred to as mobile learning or mLearning, promotes critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration, and other life skills that will help students succeed in our highly competitive and global society. Read the entire story by clicking here.

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