With PBS LearningMedia, Earth Day is Everyday!

"What We Do Now" Interactive

Bring the power of green into your classroom. From info on wind and solar energy to interactives about composting and recycling, these environmentally-friendly resources from PBS LearningMedia will energize your students. 

Recycling and Composting, Grades K-8
About half of the paper we use in our daily lives has been recycled. Follow the paper trail with Francesco and find out what happens to recyclables when they get to a material recovery facility.

What We Do Now, Grades 6-8
We live in an energy-dependent world. What’s changed? Find out by exploring the objects in two street scenes: one from a typical town in 1930 and one from present day.

Compost Office, Grades 3-8
Maintain your own virtual compost pile by adding the right mix of organic ingredients. Consider the ‘recipe’ behind this effective recycling technique and the resulting benefit to the environment.

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