A Tour of PBS/PBS KIDS Apps from the ITunes App Store

PBS Kids Video App available in the iTunes App Store

The big, wide world of mobile phone and tablet apps can be overwhelming.  So much is out there, how do you find the ones that are valuable resources?  We thought it would be helpful to provide you with a list of all our favorite apps developed by PBS and their partners that are great for children and adults.  Each app listed below is compatible with both the iPhone and the iPad* and is available through the ITunes App Store.

PBS – provides prime-time program previews and full episodes of recently aired episodes

PBS Kids Video – watch videos of your favorite PBS Kids shows anytime and on the go

PBS NewsHour – watch NewsHour anytime and stay up-to-date on recent headlines

Fetch’s Lunch Rush* – build math skills with Ruff Ruffman by taking and filling lunch orders on the set of Ruff’s movie

Sid’s Science Fair** – engage kids, ages 3-6, in science and math concepts like classification, sequencing, and pattern recognition

Electric Company: Feel Electric – check out Electric Company content and games that build reading skills in school-age children

*Fetch’s Lunch Rush is compatible with the iPad 2 and requires a camera for game play.

**Sid’s Science Fair is available for purchase through the App Store, all other apps listed above are free.


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